So, why the name?

Well, we have a running joke in grad school that since a PhD graduate is called a doctor upon graduation that a masters graduate should be called a “master.” Am I right? When I graduated with my masters I made my family call me Master Drew for a day, after that they stopped for some reason. Okay so that explanation sounded a lot better in my head, but really that is all there is to it.

Plus MasterDrew makes me sound like a Jedi, which is pretty bad ass I think…

But who am I anyway? Well I am a grad student studying English literature. I am currently working on my PhD and teaching part time as well. When I am not working on homework, reading or hanging with my lovely wife you can usually find me playing video games or watching film. Often I will get hooked on a new television show as well. What has been bothering me lately is that these two parts of life, my school life and my home life, are rarely connected. I write all the time for school but rarely write for my own pleasure. Well, starting now I would like that to change, which is why I set up this review blog.

Like all academics I have a lot of opinions, and  sometimes I feel like a prerequisite to getting a doctorate in humanities is the belief that most of the stuff that society throws at us is pretty much trash (reality television and pop novels I am looking at you). Yet despite academia’s negative outlook on most of the texts being produced today, I am an optimist by nature. I believe there are many artists out there putting out some really amazing and exciting work and I would like to write about some of these experiences. So that is what I am going to do.

This blog will often take the form of little bite-sized reviews, and sometimes in more elaborate reflection pieces. I am a classically trained close-reader, so that means I will often analyze one or two aspects of the “text” (I use the term loosely to refer to any artistic medium including books, films, television shows, video games etc). If you want a comprehensive review go to rottentomatoes.com, metacritic or another review aggregate. I tell my students that the most important aspect in writing is to enter a conversation and engage with those already talking about a subject. This means that I encourage my readers to comment. Say something, say anything. I would love feedback and invite criticism. If I took the time to write about something that means I would love to hear someone else’s thoughts. Converse with me and hopefully something new or interesting will come out of it. If not, well, at least we tried.

So ya, I’m MasterDrew and I would simply like to start up a conversation.


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